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Youth Risk and Resilience Lab
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Rochester, NY 14627

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The overarching goals of our research are to advance understanding of the psychological processes that lead to suicidal and self-injurious thoughts and behaviors (SITBs), to improve our ability to identify and predict when individuals are most at risk for SITBs, and leverage this knowledge to enhance interventions and preventions for SITBs. Given that suicidal and self-injurious thoughts and behaviors initially begin during adolescence, and rates increase drastically during this developmental period, the YR² Lab is particularly focused on the development, prediction, and ultimate prevention of these behaviors in youth. Our research uses a multimodal approach to examine the interplay among risk factors across self-report, behavioral, and psychophysiological units of analysis, in both large-scale cross-sectional and intensive longitudinal designs (e.g., ecological momentary assessment).

The YR² Lab aims to address the following key research questions:

Current Research Grants

Military Suicide Research Consortium
Enhancing Identification of Suicide Risk Among Military Service Members and Veterans: A Machine Learning Approach to Suicidality
Co-Investigator (PI Littlefield)
2018 - 2019

Department of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical Center (Pilot Grant)
Harnessing Mobile Technology to Improve Risk Monitoring of Youth Following Hospitalization
Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI Homan)
2018 - 2019

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (YIG-1-054-16)
Sleep Disturbance and Short-Term Suicide Risk in Youth After Psychiatric Hospitalization
Principal Investigator
2017 - 2019

Previous Research Grants (completed last 5 years)

Military Suicide Research Consortium (W81XWH-10-2-0181)
New Approaches to the Measurement of Suicide-Related Cognition
Co-Investigator (PI Nock)
2013 - 2016

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (PRG-1-054-13)
Examining the Neurobiology of Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents
Principal Investigator
2014 - 2015

National Institute of Mental Health (F32 MH097354)
Behavioral and Physiological Predictors of Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents
Principal Investigator
2012 - 2015